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Frequently Asked Questions


We are excited that you decided to explore our My Retirement Exit Store.  While you may have clicked on a sponsored link or found our store in a search engine, our primary website can be found at www.myretirementexit.com 


How much are the services

Click on the services link to figure out what services and packages we offer.  A quick guide to our basic packages go to the website here or look through our prices page at each product package.


What is the difference with online and the physical location?

The biggest difference is we are able to service people where they are located, via phone, webcam or electronic exchange in order to keep the prices down.


Where can I get my free offer?

In order to sign up for our free plan, please click on our services link and select BASIC PLAN , or click on the magnify glass and type the word "free".  Once you get to that page then you can add the plan to your cart and then select check out.  It will ask you for basic information, like email address.

To get our free "My Retirement Exit Genie app" as offered for a limited time you must click here or it is included free in any recurring package..


Why do you have a store and a regular website?

We created our store to showcase all of our services and to share them socially across multiple websites 24 hours a day.  Shopify stores allowed us the ability to move our physical location to an online platform, thus allowing us the ability to offer our services at a reduced cost.


Why are your services so inexpensive?

We still work with clients face-to-face, but to service them via online allow us the ability to offer the services at a generous discount.  Same service just less expensive via electronic media.


Where can I see all the other services you have to offer?

If you want to explore all of the services we provide then click on the Services link.


What kind of planning software do you use?

We use the number #1 Retirement Planning Software for 10 straight years, Money Guide Pro.  To see a short demo click here or visit their website at www.moneyguidepro.com 


Who do I contact if I am having trouble?

If you are having trouble with signing up and need to reach us via phone then call 916-509-7034, but for faster service you can email us at info@myretirementexit.com

 What is the little shoppingcart symbol?

This is a shopping cart or shopping bag.  If you have added or selected a service you can click here and see it.  To remove a service just put the number zero (0) in and press update and it will be removed from your shopping bag.