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Why I started My Retirement Exit and the Online Store

How Playing House Became Real.

I never thought this day would come.  Waking up in the hospital bed with one kidney gone and the other kidney in disarray, how could life had been so unfair was the question that first came to mind.  Heavily medicated, I heard the doctor tell my wife, “If his other kidney does not wake up in the next 8-10 hours, then he will be on dialysis for the rest of his life,” and my wife began to cry over my bed.

It was 2011, and playing house had just gotten real.  All I remembered at that time was did I pay the life insurance premium?  Would my wife and kids be okay?  Did I prepare my family financially to run the house in my absence?  The only check box I could make at the time was I had paid the insurance premium, but I could not say I had answered all the other questions. 

My name is Jenny Jones and I am a Financial Advisor/Survivor and founder of myretirementexit.com.  You may be asking what a Financial Advisor/Survivor is.  It is a person who is licensed and registered as a Financial Advisor, passionate and zealous about finances, yet who has escaped death twice to live another day to tell, because his work is not done yet.  This blog will share real and raw life experiences about finances, and will shed light on real issues surrounding retirement and preparing for it. 

As a former insurance agent, stockbroker, college professor, Yahoo! Finance columnist, army veteran, cancer survivor, stewardship instructor, son, father, and most important, husband I have experienced a great deal concerning finances over the last two decades.  I will share them all here in the blog in hopes that it would help someone else.  I was trying to figure out a way to introduce and share a national crises about retirement planning to more than just my friends and family and I was all out of ideas until someone said start a blog and share the information there.  The vision to start an online store came when we discovered the need to centralize affordable options for pre and post retirees.  If you were trying to figure out some successful tips concerning retirement, this would be a great place to visit often. If you want to listen to our podcast series for education then listen start here.  If you want to know what kind of planning software we use, we use MoneyGuide Pro.  Thank you for visiting and see you back soon. 

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